3 Key Upgrades for Your AR-15

3 Key Upgrades for Your AR-15

If you are an avid AR-15 fan, chances are that any information, no matter how impressive, on any other rifle, would probably be of no interest to you. That’s the magic of this rifle. The key factor behind this rifle’s soaring popularity is not hard to find. It’s about customization of features.

Each shooter has got his or her own preferences. For example, some may want a rubber grip, while some others may enjoy a thicker grip with contours. Similarly, while you may swear by a straight trigger, there could be other riflemen may find a curved one better.

It all depends ultimately on an individual’s choice, and the AR-15 is one rifle which can be modified perhaps the most among its category of rifles. Let us take a look at some of the common AR-15 upgrades and issues that may arise because of them.


If you really want to be trigger-happy, then it’s time that you take a closer look at what is perhaps the most ignored part of a gun. Your fingers and hands should feel comfortable with the trigger. Not only this, but the trigger should also provide the right amount of resistance. The trigger should also be tight.

There is nothing more frustrating than your trigger breaking when you are in the midst of a hunt. That is why when looking for trigger upgrades make sure that you get a metal one that is durable and long-lasting.

The actual application of the rifle will also dictate your choice of the trigger. If you want the gun for home protection, then a single stage trigger would be ideal. If it is a rifle meant for recreational purposes, then a two-stage trigger would be a perfect choice.
Remember, ultimately the trigger should ensure that your fingers and hands are comfortable, which in turn ensures greater accuracy while shooting.

Trigger Guards

While you can find tons of information about trigger upgrades over the internet, the trigger guards, unfortunately, don’t seem to get that much attention. Contrary to what people think, the trigger guards play a key role in the shooting process.
Imagine you trying to shoot a moving target and suddenly your hands getting cramped due inside a trigger guard which was one size too small. The best possible solution is to go in for enlarged trigger guards.

Remember, the space around the trigger plays a big role in improving shooting accuracy. It is only when your hands are comfortable and feeling relaxed that you can shoot with precision. It is also a factor when you need to shoot continuously. Re-engaging the rifle in quick time is dependent on the trigger guard.

Protective Coating

An often-neglected AR-15 upgrade is the application of a protective coat on it to ensure its longevity. Remember, your rifle will be put to use in some of the harshest environments. In the woods, it can come into contact with several corrosion-causing elements, as well as excessive moisture.

The best solution for the issue is the application of a specialized coating that is available in the market. Not only will it protect your rifle from corrosion, but the resultant sheen will also add to its good looks too.

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