CA Compliant 80 Lower

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California Legal 80 Percent Lower

California has some crazy laws when it comes to 80 lower receivers and AR-15 rifles. The newest regulations require owners and potential owners to do one of the following: register the rifle, convert the rifle to a featureless AR-15, or have a magazine lock on the lower that requires disassembly to drop the magazine. One of the ways this can be done is with a California legal 80% lower. The California compliant 80% lower receiver has a magazine lock built into the lower so it doesn’t require any additional hardware to be installed. With the built in magazine lock, this allows you to build your own AR-15 rifle and still maintain compliance with the California regulations.

California 80% Lower Laws

The AR-15 rifle has been targeted heavily by California lawmakers. Unfortunately, this doesn’t exclude the 80% lower. California law states, as of right now, that the 80% lower must be serialized but doesn’t have to be registered or disclosed to the ATF. In July of 2018, that changes and will require any 80% lower to first receive a serial from the ATF prior to it being turned into a rifle. Essentially, all new purchases of 80% lower receivers will require serialization by registration.

Build Your 80% Lower While You Can

Our California legal 80% lower receivers are forged from 7075 aluminum, anodized to prevent corrosion, and made in America. If you live in California and want to build your own custom 80% lower then start with one of our lowers.

80 Percent Lower Features:

  • No FFL Required
  • Built-in magazine lock
  • Made from 7075 aluminum
  • Anodized black for corrosion prevention
  • Made in America