9 Simple AR-15 Tips and Hacks

A few of the many useful AR-15 tips and hacks.

Although an AR-15 is an incredible purchase, there’s plenty of ways one can make that investment all the better. Thankfully, we’re going to cover some of the excellent ways one can make their amazing gun something they can’t resist showing off to fellow gun enthusiasts. With this being said, here’s some excellent tips and hacks for your AR-15.

AR-15 Anti-Rotational Pins

Shooting your gun over time can add serious wear and tear to your AR-15. However, installing anti-rotational pins (for your lower parts kit) stops the instance of pins rotating (as rotational pins move every time the weapon is fired) and damaging your gun.

Changing Out The Charging Handle

If you happen to be left handed, a new charging handle might be an excellent way to modify your gun. But regardless of your dominant shooting hand, a new charging handle is a simple way to modify your gun without professional assistance.

AR-15 Triggers

Being the most personal (and important) piece of your firearm, buying a new trigger wouldn’t be such a bad idea. In addition to making you happier with your AR-15 purchase, a new trigger will make your time at the range much more satisfying during handling. This simple (and cheap) replacement can go a long way when it comes to having your gun suit your needs.

AR-15 Barrel

Since what you plan on doing with your AR-15 is completely up to you, it’s definitely worth investing in a few barrels to suit the shooting occasion. As surprising as it may sound, a small change to the barrel can bring forward an entirely new shooting experience.

AR-15 Slings

A sling makes hauling (and using) your AR-15 an almost effortless ordeal. A simple shoulder strap can easily do the trick (or solve any issue one may have) when carrying your AR-15 from location to location.

AR-15 Muzzles

There’s a pretty big market for muzzles, so finding what you’d enjoy on the end of your AR-15 shouldn’t be a problem. Whether it be for flash, sound, or recoil, there’s definitely a muzzle out there that can cater to your needs as a gun owner.

AR-15 Stippling

Adding a little stippling to your gun is an excellent idea if you’re interested in getting a firm grip on your device when shooting. Whether it be a little stippling on the handle or on the magazine, it’s an excellent choice to add on your gun (or wherever your hands may be). In addition to this, adding stippling is an easy (and cheap) way of customizing your gun.

Paint Your AR-15

That’s right, paint your AR-15. Whether it be camouflage or your favorite color, paint your AR-15 to make it stand out from the rest. If you don’t trust yourself with the paint job, feel free to hire a professional to get the job done. Although painting your AR-15 has nothing to do with the function of the gun, it does make it look a little cooler.

AR-15 Grips

If you’re not a fan of the initial AR-15 grip that came with the gun, it’s safe to say that there’s many people who feel the same. Thankfully, there’s plenty of other grips on the market that are much more comfortable than the hard plastic grip that came with the gun (that can take a toll on your hands after shooting for a lengthy amount of time). There’s plenty of unique grip options on the market to suit your needs and keep the blisters or discomfort far, far away.

Considering the information above, there’s plenty of tips and tricks to make your AR-15 lower parts kit stand out from the crowd. Since these small tweaks can go a long way when handling your gun, why not use your right to bear arms as a method of self expression.

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