AR-15 Uppers

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Showing 1–24 of 41 results

AR-15 Upper Receiver Assembly

AR-15 uppers can be a great way to save money when it comes to adding new features and improved functionality to the gun you already own. Constructing and adding a new upper to your existing firearm can be a great alternative to simply buying a second one not only because it can save you money, but also because it can also save you time and energy along the way.

The first component of an upper is the receiver, which is what attaches to the lower receiver and houses the rest of the AR-15 upper. These come in either stripped or completed models designs.

An upper can range in length depending on the barrel you choose, and it can also have varying metal components depending on the effect you are trying to achieve. For example, an upper with a stainless steel barrel will offer you better shooting accuracy if you choose to go that route.

After the barrel, you have the gas block and tube. The gas block houses the rest of the barrel and wraps underneath the handguard as well. The gas system can feature a rifle, mid-length, or carbine setup. This is the piece of the system that allows the casing to be ejected properly, and therefore it is also the system that allows a new round to be chambered.

Other components of AR-15 uppers include the bolt carrier group, the charging handle, the forward assist, the ejection port cover, and the muzzle brake hider. With all of these components, it is easy to craft a completely customized addition to your favorite firearm.

Types of AR-15 Uppers

There are a few different types of upper receivers that most will fall under. Those are A1 Uppers, A2 Uppers, A3 Uppers, and A4 Uppers. The most common modern AR-15 upper receiver is A3 and A4 but the nostalgic upper typically falls under the A1. The A2 upper receiver is a more updated version of the A1 and was and is used by the military.