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Showing all 8 results

Upper Receivers for AR-15

Plenty of options exist when choosing an upper receiver for the AR rifle or pistol platform. Differences exist in the material the upper is made from, the finish applied, the intended caliber, and even some of the design elements incorporated into the upper. Depending on the needs and functionality of what an operator is intending to use the firearm for will determine which upper is best.

Much like a lower receiver, the upper can be made from forged or billet aluminum. An integrated carrying handle exists on some uppers while more commonly used is an integrated picatanny rail used for add-on sights. The option for a stripped upper or a complete upper exists as well. A stripped upper receiver has no additional hardware installed such as the ejection port cover, bolt carrier group, or charging handle. A complete upper receiver will typically contain those mentioned parts.

Regulation does not exist for upper receivers and, therefore, when building an AR rifle or pistol, no additional milling is needed. If a stripped upper is used, an upper parts kit or customized individual components will be needed.