Best Semi Automatic Rifle for Beginners: AR-15 vs AK-47

When looking to purchase a firearm such as a semi automatic rifle, there are a number of things that you will want to consider. For those who are looking to purchase a semi automatic rifle, the two most common options are the AR-15 and the AK-47. Both guns provide consumers with a dependable and accurate firearm to use for hunting, target shooting and self defense. For those who are looking to determine the best semi automatic rifle for beginners, they will want to consider a number of factors such as caliber, reliability, maintenance, cost, accessories, models and ergonmics. These factors will enable people to determine the best semi automatic rifle for beginners AR-15 vs AK-47.

Consider The Caliber

The first thing to consider when determining the best semi automatic rifle for beginners AR-15 vs AK-47 is the caliber. Each of the guns has a certain caliber that it shoots. The AR-15 has a smaller round and is lighter, while the AK-47 has a round that is a little longer and is heavier. Anyone looking to determine what the better rifle is will want o consider a few other factors such as velocity, deadliness, weight and recoil.

Velocity: The AR round is faster in terms of velocity and is therefore more accurate when it is shot towards a target. Anyone who is skilled at using a rifle will be able to hit a target within 1 inch at 100 yards while shooters of average skill can get the target within 3 inches.

Deadliness: In terms of deadliness, the AK-47 has the edge due to the size and weight of each round. When a AR round hits flesh, there is always a wound that is disproportionate to the size of the bullet. According to many soldiers, the AR bullets lack lethality at times. Therefore, the AK-47 has rounds that are more deadly than the AR-15.

Weight of Bullets: The AK rounds are known to have more ability to provide knockdown power since it has more weight in the bullets. Therefore, this rifle is ideal when looking to quickly take down targets efficiently. However, the weight of the bullet compromises accuracy. When looking to hit a target from 100 yards, the bullet will likely be within 5 inches of it regardless of the expertise of the shooter.

Recoil: When shooting a rifle, one of the things that you will want to consider is the recoil. The AK-47 is known to have more recoil but is not uncomfortable to shoot. If you are looking to shoot a gun with less recoil and more accuracy, then the AR-15 will be a better option for you.

Reliability & Maintenance

Like a number of many other products, semi automatic rifles are more valuable if they ar reliable. Fortunately, the AK-47 and the AR-15 are very reliable firearms. However, the AK is more reliable than the AR. With the AR, the gun can experience mechanical issues when exposed to harsh environments. Therefore, this gun has to be maintained frequently. However, with the AK, it will work even without much maintenance in just about any environment. The AR-15 will work flawlessly if they are maintained on a regular basis. As a result, both guns are excellent options in terms of reliability.


The cost of a semi automatic rifle will also be quite important when looking to decide which one to purchase. You can purchase an AK for as little as $500 while the AR can be bought for $800. However, the price of the guns will vary depending on the manufacturer and the overall quality. Along with the cost of the gun, the cost of ammunition will also be a major factor in deciding which gun to buy. With the AK, you can buy ammunition for as little as 20 cents per round. The AR offers between 30 to 40 cents per round.


If you are looking to use a rifle that offers a lot of flexibility in terms of accessories, the AR is the best option to go with. There are many accessories that you can get fo ran AR that will allow you to get the most out of it. These accessories include bipods, lights, and optics. These accessories can allow you to shoot more accurately as well as use the firearm more effectively at night and in harsh environments. The AR is very customizable in terms of pistol grips and buttstocks as well. In terms of the AK, there can you can get lights and optics, but it is not quite as customizable as the AR-15. As a result, there are more accessories for the AR than the AK.


One of the things that you will need to focus on when purchasing the best semi automatic rifle is the ergonomics. This entails aspects of the guns such as the things that make the guns function. These include the grip, trigger, magazine, buttstock, safety and the handguard. You will also need to consider things such as the bolt release, the charging handle and the sights.

Faster Magazine Changes: The AR rifle contains a magazine release that can be used with the shooting hand. As a result, you will be able to unlock and change the magazine efficiently. When using the AK, you will need to press a lever that must be accessed with the non shooting hand. The magazine for the AR is able to be put into place very quickly while the AK magazine needs to be pushed into place.

Safety: With the AR, you can access the safety with the thumb of your shooting hand. This adds more convenience as you will be able to change from safety to semi auto quickly and easily. When using the AK, you will have to pull the lever on the right side in order to get it to safety. You will have to move your hand off the grip and therefore take more time to change the switch on the gun.

Bolt Release: The AR offers a bolt release on the left side of the gun which can be activated using the non shooting hand once a magazine is put into the magazine opening.

Charging Handle: The charging handle on the AR is at the rear of the gun while the charging handle on the AK is on the right side of it. You will need to use your left hand to activate and pull back the bolt with either rifle.

Bolt Catch: The bolt catch on the AK does not lock open after the last round is fired. In order to get the charging handle back into place, you will need to insert a new magazine into the gun.

Sights: The sights on the AR are better and easier to put on. You will have the ability to put sights on the AR in many areas of the gun which will give you more flexibility. The AK usually has sights but they are not as easy to put on and use as the AR.

Purchasing a semi automatic rifle can be a bit of a challenge when you are not sure which one you want to buy. The two main options are the AR-15 and the AK-47. In order to determine the best semi automatic rifle, it is important that you evaluate each gun in a number of ways. The AR-15 offers more long range accuracy, lighter ammunition, a faster rate of fire and more flexibility in terms of accessories. With the AK-47, you will benefit if you value simplicity, reliability, and power. In conclusion, the best semi automatic rifle depends on your personal preferences when it comes to this type of firearm.