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The Best Tips to Keep Your AR-15 Reliable

The dependability of the AR-15 has made it a popular firearm among different users from the beginner to the professional. Its ease of use makes the AR-15 a favorite choice of firearm for a host of activities like hunting, target shooting, and training. AR-15 maintenance is one way that a gun owner can increase the reliability of the firearm and keep it at peak performance for a long while.

Cleaning and servicing a gun is fundamental, not only for its integrity but user safety as well. Having a rifle dropping parts while at the range can be dangerous, not to mention the embarrassment of an AR jamming when you are out shooting with friends.

Maintenance provides an opportunity for an owner to check the functioning of different parts, which can degrade over time. Learning a few dos and don’ts of AR-15 will make work easier.

Know How to Handle the Equipment

A gun owner should know how to disassemble an AR-15 properly. The gun has to be taken apart to facilitate thorough cleaning of every component.

Before that, though the gun should be cleared first, and this goes for all firearms. Point the gun away from you, switch it to SAFE mode using the safety, and lock the bolt that is at the rear. Inspect the chamber to ensure that it doesn’t have any ammunition left inside and remove any shells that may still be in there. After verifying it is clear, release the bolt.

Find an open space where you can take part the rifle for extensive servicing and cleaning. The next step is to separate the lower and upper receiver. The two receivers are connected using pins, one at the front and another at the back, which you can remove with a nylon punch. After separating the upper from the lower, remove the charging handle, then the bolt carrier assembly.

Now, you have to dismantle the bolt carrier group by pushing the bolt out to the back of the assembly. Remove the retainer pin so that you can take out the firing pin then raise the bolt by rotating the cam pin 90 degrees. Use a punch to pry off the extractor pin from the bolt.

Next, you have to remove the buffer, which is held by a retainer. To remove it, you have to depress the retainer using something hard so that the buffer shoots out. However, it not always necessary to remove the buffer and spring at every AR-15 cleaning session. Checking it twice a year for faults is enough.

Cleaning the AR-15

With your AR-15 parts laid out on the table, you can begin cleaning them individually. Have a cleaning solution, or gun cleaner, a clean cloth, Q-tip, and a toothbrush. Wipe down the parts until all the carbon is gone then apply the solution and dry them. Note that some components may need different tools to get to all the nooks.

Be extremely careful with the extractor to avoid messing with the nylon bushing. When cleaning the receiver, use a microfiber cloth to avoid leaving fibers all over the surface. Use a toothbrush to clean the bolt and bolt carrier for excellent results.


Oiling some of the parts of an AR-15 can boost its dependability significantly. Once you make sure that each part is clean, find the most suitable lube for your AR-15. Pick a lubricant that corresponds to the gun usage; a dry lube, for example, is perfect if your gun spends a lot of time in dry and hot conditions.

For a rifle that is used in cold weather, a light lubricant is advisable to prevent it from being too thick when the temperature drops. Lubricate the cam pins, firing pin, bolt lugs, bolt carrier, and gas rings.

Inspect for Wear

This cleaning session is the perfect chance to check the condition of every component. Check the gas rings to see if they are bent, the buffer to identify any cracks, and double-check the tightness of the screws on the bolt carrier.

Inspect every metal surface for pitting or corrosion. Also, ensure that the gas rings are well rotated such that the slots don’t align with each other. If some parts are too worn out, get an AR-15 kit to replace them.

Putting your AR-165 back together is not complicated- just start from the last point of disassembly. Recheck the firearm after reassembly from the muzzle to the buttstock. Regular AR-15 maintenance and cleaning will extend the lifespan of the firearm and guarantee reliable performance.

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