The Battle Rages On…

Many of you know that the 2nd Amendment is under constant attack by those that wish to strip the very thing that has protected our nation. On a daily basis, somewhere across the country, the 2A is being challenged, overlooked, and disregarded by not only local, state, and federal government, but businesses as well. While it is our governments job to protect our rights, it is a businesses right to turn customers away for being against what the business believes. A recent example of this is with the use of Shopify. While many of you are unfamiliar with Shopify, it likely has an impact on your ability to purchase AR-15 rifles, parts, and accessories online. Shopify is a widely used eCommerce shopping cart used by thousands of merchants. More specifically, Shopify was the cart of choice by Spike’s Tactical, Defense Distributed, and large number of other AR manufacturers and retailers. While we haven’t used Shopify, it was a contender until recently, for when we transition to a more user friendly eCommerce platform.

Earlier this month, Shopify made the decision that they no longer wanted to serve manufacturers and retailers that sell AR-15 rifles and parts. Based in Canada, it isn’t all too surprising that they would lean left of the aisle and, because of where they are located, really have no regard to our constitutional rights. At the end of the day, it is their right. If they want to alienate a portion of their customers, then so be it. We have to remember it is their business and their choice. In the case of Shopify, luckily there are a few alternatives.

Another company that chooses not to do business with firearm retailers is PayPal. For us, this hit home a little closer as we have previously offered this payment option. Unfortunately, and proven historically with their track record, PayPal is a pretty staunch opponent to firearm and firearm parts retailers. Like many others, we had a good run with PayPal until they decided they no longer liked the products we offered on our website and decided to shut our account down. This was done even though we have never sold firearms.

To read more about the Shopify attack on our 2nd Amendement, click here

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