The Top 4 AR-15 Bolt Carrier Groups

Picking a bolt carrier group can seem like a challenge. It often seems like there’s an insurmountable number of available options. However, when you break it down, it really isn’t as complicated as you think. There are only a few factors that really warrant consideration, and in the end, it mostly comes down to your own […]

A Few of the Best AR-15 Furniture & Accessories

Best AR-15 Furniture & Accessories Finding The Best Parts For Your AR-15 Today, the AR-15 has morphed into one of the most customizable rifles available to civilian novices and enthusiasts alike. With a design that is completely modular, the AR-15 rifle shows up in numerous conventions throughout the country. Accessories range from small upgrades, such […]

A Comprehensive AR-15 Parts List

Building your own AR-15 can be a rewarding project if you do your homework and know what you want before you begin. There are more than 50 AR-15 parts to collect separately before you start building. Buying components separately or in kits allows you to customize your rifle to your own unique needs and preferences. […]

AR-15: The Enthusiast’s Dream Rifle

The AR-15 has over six decades of history as being one of the most important firearms in the world. Armalite sold the rights and design specs to Colt Firearms in the late 1950’s. The AR does not stand for assault rifle, as many believe; it is named after the creator, ArmaLite. The AR-15 platform is […]