Build Your Own AR-15 Lower Parts Kit

Build Your Own Lower Parts Kit

Looking to build your own lower parts kit? To us, part of the fun in owning an AR-15 is the ability to customize it the way we want. We can change just about everything you want to make it more of your own and even a one of a kind rifle. You probably already knew that you can change the barrel, grips, sights, buttstock, and so on but did you know that you can build your own lower parts kit? We get quite a few emails about buying a top of the line AR-15 lower parts kit but very few about building your own.

Why Build Your Own Lower Parts Kit

Periodically, we find ourselves running low on stock. Basic economics – this is due to demand and sometimes manufacturers can’t keep up. The trickle down effect happens and ultimately means retailers are out of stock as well. As a retailer you try and forecast demand but as volatile as the firearm industry is, it’s hard to accurately gauge it 100% of the time. With that said, a good reason to look into building your own lower parts kit is due to a lack of availability.

Another common reason to build your own AR-15 lower parts kit is to swap out ‘stock’ components for new and improved aftermarket parts. You can go about it a number of ways – buying parts from different manufacturers, just swapping out the trigger, or go in for a complete overhaul.


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