Common Misconceptions With AR-15 Rifles and 80% Lower Receivers

You might well be surprised to find out that if you’re looking to own your very own AR-15, you don’t necessarily need to go to a gun store and purchase one.

Intrigued? Well read on.

Building an AR-15 is a rewarding project but quite often aficionados are put off because they don’t think they have enough knowledge or experience. In actual fact you’ll be relieved to know that you won’t need to be a master gunsmith to build an AR-15 yourself, and you’ll find idiot-proof instructions with every part you order along the way! Even better, if you plan your budget in advance and look for the best deals on AR-15 parts, you’ll find that building works out kinder on your bank balance than building a ready-made rifle. And let’s not forget the satisfaction that comes with undertaking such a project – knowing that this baby is all your own handiwork.

Before you start to plan your AR-15 build, there are a few things we thought we should clear up for you as there can be quite a lot of confusion when it comes to building and owning your very own AR-15.

Firstly, the only laws that apply to building an AR-15 are the same ones that cover purchasing one, and of course these vary from state to state so it’s always worth checking them out first. The biggest difference is that you do not need an FFL to purchase an 80% lower and build your own AR-15. While there are no federal laws that prevent you from owning an AR-15, you should of course always defer your queries to local state law to make sure you don’t end up in hot water! There are no laws that prevent you from building as many AR-15s as you like and, in most states you don’t even have to register an AR-15 built from an 80% lower. So when you inevitably enjoy that feeling of satisfaction and pride as you finish assembling your first AR-15 you’ll be pleased to know you can immediately start building your next!

Secondly, all the parts required to build your very own AR-15 can be ordered hassle-free online and delivered to your home. In fact, the only part for which you will have to go through the relevant channels is the lower receiver, as that is the one component that is considered the actual ‘firearm’. However, with an 80% lower receiver you just need to find the one you want and it will be shipped directly to you. When it comes to selling your creation, if you so choose, you will be pleased to know that the only laws by which you are bound are your states laws that cover the private sale of firearms. To build your very own AR-15 all you will require is a workbench that is equipped with a vise and a block, a selection of good quality punches so you don’t end up with any bent roll pins, a few wrenches and hammers to make sure that the Castle nut and pivot pin are adequately secured. You will also need a multi-tool for when it comes to fitting the pistol grip screw and the magazine release button. Please don’t worry! While all this talk of tools may sound daunting, you’ll soon realize that assembling your very own AR-15 is simple, fun and rewarding, and any tools or kit you have to buy new will always come in useful for future projects – whether another AR-15 build or something completely new. Just think of these things as an investment into future projects.

Finally, through utilizing an 80% lower receiver, that is a receiver that is machined to 80% and only requires minimal machining to be a fully-functioning component, you can simply purchase an AR-15 lower parts kit and build your own AR-15 in an afternoon! Given that virtually all lower receivers are manufactured to a very high standard that is based on military specifications, it is possible for you to simply opt for one that you find the most appealing, that you feel looks the best, without having to worry about any differences in quality. The only differences are purely aesthetic. So, now you know how achievable it is to build your very own AR-15, we bet you’re ready to make a start!

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