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What is an AR-15 lower parts kit?

The AR-15 lower parts kit are the parts that are installed in the lower receiver of an AR-15. This includes parts such as the grip, trigger, magazine catch, and all the necessary parts to turn your lower receiver into a functional rifle. Many of our lower parts kits come with varying parts so make sure to read the product description prior to ordering to make sure you receive the exact product you need.

I ordered a lower parts kit. How do I install it?

This is, by far, the most asked question we get. The overall installation of your AR-15 lower parts kit isn't necessarily hard but some components need to be installed in a certain order. We've created a great guid to help you install an AR-15 lower parts kit here.

What's the difference in lower parts kits?

You've seen different types of lower parts kits such as drop-in, enhanced, and regular. Each lower parts kit serves its own purpose and you can find out more information on each products page. In general, though, the drop-in contains most of the lower parts minus the trigger. This is for those that anticipate upgrading certain components of their lower. The enhanced lower parts kit includes all the necessary components including the trigger and will usually have upgraded parts such as a better grip, better trigger, etc. The standard lower parts kits are usually the entry level kits that are good for first time builders. The kits include all the normal parts including the trigger.

What brands do you carry?

We are constantly adding manufacturers that meet our standards. We stay away from cheap manufacturers, Chinese made lower parts kits, and manufacturers that tend to have a bad reputation. Some of the manufacturers we carry are:

CMMG Lower Parts Kit

KE Arms Lower Parts Kit

Bushmaster Lower Parts Kit

DPMS Lower Parts Kit

All the manufacturers we carry are here.