How to install an AR Maglock

Step By Step Guide to Install an AR Maglock

Need to install an AR Maglock? Ah, living in California brings plenty of sunshine, great weather, a ton of traffic, and incredibly restrictive firearm laws and regulations. If you own an AR-15 in California you have some hoops to jump through. To help you maintain compliance, one of the options available to you is installing a California-Compliant AR-15 lower parts kit or magazine lock. Like many things, you have a few choices of mag locks that you can choose from. This guide focuses on installing an AR Maglock into your AR-15.

How To Install An AR Maglock

Estimated Installation Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty Level: Easy

Recommended Tools

To install an AR Mag lock, it can be done easiest with the following tools. If you don’t have them or have access to them, try and find tools that can be used in the same manner.

  • Allen wrench
  • Straight or curved pick
  • Small straight-slot screwdriver
  • Small needle nose pliers
  • Small punch set

Removing the AR-15 Magazine Release Button

Without Bullet Button

  1. Insure the AR-15 is secure by using a magazine block and vice.
  2. Press the magazine release button in as far as possible. If needed, use a small punch to help by placing the punch in the middle of the mag release button and pressing the mag release as far as it can go.
  3. With the magazine release button pressed in as far as possible, turn the magazine catch counter clockwise to unscrew it until it is completely removed from the rifle.

With Bullet Button

  1. Use a bullet button tool to loosen the magazine release button.
  2. Unscrew the magazine release button until you can completely remove the magazine release button from the rifle.

Installing the AR Maglock

  1. Place the provided spring onto the AR Maglock standoff.
  2. Insert the AR Maglock with spring into the magazine button well.
  3. Tighten the cap screw on firmly but do not tighten it all the way.
  4. Make sure to line up the top lip of the AR Maglock so that it is flush with the upper receiver.
  5. Holding the AR Maglock in place, with your Allen wrench, tighten the cap screw all the way in.
  6. Pull the takedown pin and open the receiver.
  7. To disengage the detent pin, push the takedown pin in slightly.
  8. Using a pick, push the detent back into the lower receiver.
  9. Remove the takedown pin.
  10. With a small straight-slot screwdriver, insert it into the left side of the takedown pin hole and push the detent pin back into the receiver.
  11. With the detent pin pushed into the receiver, insert the AR Maglock takedown pin.
  12. Make sure the AR Maglock takedown pin functions properly.
  13. With the new takedown pin pulled, close the receiver.
  14. Push the takedown pin in to lock the upper and lower receiver.
  15. Perform a functionality test by inserting an empty magazine.
  16. Attempt to remove the magazine by pressing the AR Maglock.
  17. Pull the takedown pin and remove the magazine.
  18. The AR-15 now has a fixed magazine.

The installation of the AR Maglock is fairly straightforward and simple and doesn’t alter any other part of your AR-15 lower parts kit. However, should you have any questions or need help with installation, please reach out to us.

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