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Showing all 14 results

California Compliant AR-15 Lower Parts Kit

Minus many of the politicians and gun-grabbers, California is an incredible place to live. Should you find yourself owning or wanting to own an AR-15 lower parts kit in California, though, you’re going to have to make sure you are compliant with the states regulations.

Essentially, if you don’t want to have to register your AR-15 as an assault weapon, you’ll need to modify the AR-15 to have a fixed magazine. There are a few solutions to help with this that claim to be compliant with California laws but we always encourage you to do your own due diligence. That said, the top fixed magazine solutions are the Hellfighter Magazine LockCross Armory SAFE MAGAR Maglock and the Patriot Mag Release by Bullet Button.

If you’re choosing to be compliant with California laws, these three solutions will replace your magazine release so that you have to disassemble the rifle in order to release the magazine.

Owning a CA-Compliant AR-15

When the need comes up for a California-legal AR-15 Lower Parts Kit, magazine locks are a great option. However, there are still a few options if you live in California and are an owner or want to be an owner of an AR-15 rifle. Here are a few options currently:

  • Register with the CA ATF.
  • Convert to a or buy a “featureless” AR-15.
  • Install a magazine lock device as described above.
  • Build your own AR-15 from an 80% lower. This option still requires you to install a magazine lock but does not require you to register.