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Showing all 10 results

AR-15 Magazine Lock

A magazine lock for an AR-15 is a mechanism that does just what it sounds like – it locks the magazine into the rifle. To remove the magazine the AR-15 takedown pin must be pulled and the upper receiver separated from the lower receiver. Once that is done, the magazine can then be removed. Most states don’t require this kind of modification to AR-15 rifles but a few do including California, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, and New Jersey. There are also a few municipalities around the country that require an AR-15 to have a fixed magazine so make sure to check with your local law enforcement if you are unsure.

AR-15 Magazine Lock Types

The company that originally helped AR-15 owners become compliant pre-2017 was Bullet Button. The name alone is enough for most California owners to know what it is but in case you don’t it was a replacement of your magazine release button that required you to use a pointy object (the most common object being a bullet) to drop the magazine. In 2017 and beyond, regulations require registration of AR-15s if the rifle doesn’t have a fixed magazine in combination with other “evil” characteristics…man, politicians are nuts. This means that the Bullet Button is longer enough to be compliant and, probably one of the only good things to come from these regulations, has opened the door for new innovations that help owners potentially be compliant with their states laws.


The ARMaglock is a simple modification that does everything a magazine lock is suppose to do. The main difference in the AR Maglock and other competing mag locks is that the release handle curves to the side in order to be easier to reach as well as stay out of the way of the ejection port cover.

Patriot Mag Release

The Patriot Mag Release is manufactured by the same company that designed and manufactured the original Bullet Button. The main difference with the Patriot Mag Release is that it’s mag release handle points straight up and sits under the ejection port cover. This does hinder the ejection port cover from opening all the way but still allows the bullet casing to eject.

Cross Armory SAFE MAG

The Cross Armory SAFE MAG provides minimal interference with your AR-15 aesthetics and can be quickly installed on your rifle. For a magazine lock that provides you the ability to stay compliant with California laws, the SAFE MAG allows you to quickly open your action and drop the magazine.
Features of California Legal AR-15 Parts

  • Currently meets new AR-15 regulations in California
  • Helps show your intent to be compliant with your states law (outside of California)
  • Helps you potentially avoid AR-15 registration
  • Made in America