Learn how to assemble and disassemble your ar-15 stock

Learn How To Assemble and Disassemble Your AR-15 Stock

When it comes to owning an AR 15 rifle nothing about it should be difficult. At some point or another you’re going to have to get up close and personally with your rifle. Whether the end result is to clean, repair, or swap out your AR 15 stock, you’re going to need to learn to properly disassemble and assemble with ease. It never needs to seem as daunting as you may think.

Sometimes you just want a more customizable feel to your rifle and can do that easily by changing out your fixed AR stock for an AR collapsible stock or an adjustable AR stock. An AR collapsible stock is a bit more popular because it offers variety to many different users. Using this type of AR 15 stock will allow you to have more portability when it comes to your rifle and also allow you to move from four to eight different positions. One thing to take note of when choosing a collapsible AR stock is that it is not legal everywhere in the US. So just make sure to do your research before committing. Choosing the best AR stock will all be up to you.

If the collapsible AR stock is either not legal where you are from or it is just too fussy, the adjustable AR stock might be a better fit. Even though they are very similar in product they do have some minor differences. For instance, the adjustable AR stock can not fold to be made smaller. It can only be moved on a fixed axis that allows you to change the length.

Now, let’s get into how to disassemble your AR 15 stock. We are going to be addressing the collapsible version. So the first thing you’re going to want to do is separate the upper and lower receivers. All this is going to do is allow you to a better hold and give you more freedom to handle the part that you will be working on which is the lower receiver. Another thing that will help you better grip your rifle is using vice grips to hold it in place. 

The next step is going to be pretty simple. You’re going to want to back the stock out as far as it will go and then pull the lever all the way up allowing you to slide the stock all the way off. At this point you’re only going to be left with the buffer tube and the lower receiver of the rifle. Next you are going to remove the buffer and spring from inside the tube. In order to do that you’re going to need to hold down the buffer retaining pin so the spring and tube can easily slide out. If need be, you can use a small flat head to assist you. Keep in mind, you always want to be careful when taking the spring out being sure to never force it. 

You will then need to remove the castle nut in order to take off the buffer tube. You’re going to need a spanner wrench to loosen the nut. Once the nut is loose you should be able to use your hands to further unscrew the buffer tube. Again, you need to be careful not to lose the small tension pin that is against the stop plate. Once your completely unscrew the buffer tube and remove it along with the stop plate you are done disassembling your stock. 

Now, if you want to put that same stock back on, it’s just as simple. You’re basically going to follow the same instructions, only backwards! The first part you want to put back on is the stop plate, making sure it is facing the right way. Then you will slowly start to screw in the buffer tube being sure not to over thread. You only want to screw it in enough so that the stop plate is just touching the spring. Next you’ll want to hold down the buffer retention pin so you can finish screwing in the buffer tube. You will know when it is in because it will stop turning.

The next step is you want to push the stop plate so it is flush against the spring. This will allow you to then screw back on the castle nut. You’re going to want to use the spanner wrench to tighten the nut as much as you can. This is where those vice grips really come in handy. You can now slide the stock back onto the buffer tube being sure to once again lift the lever to ensure it all the way on and locked into place. And last but not least you can finally put the buffer and spring back inside the tube.

Since we are now going to be talking about disassembling a fixed AR stock, it’s going to be only a little different. You’re going to want to remove the buffer and spring just as with the other one. Next, you’re going to use your buttstock wrench to remove the screw allowing you to take off your AR buttstock. Be sure to have a grip on the stock itself because there is spring in there. After it is off you can then remove the buffer tube by unscrewing it but be sure to hold down the buffer retainer pin while doing so. That’s it! 

Once again, when it comes to reassembling the fixed ar stock you’re going to do the same steps only in reverse. You want to start by taking your buffer tube and start screwing it back into place. You’re going to need to hold down the buffer retainer pin in order to screw it on all the way. Now, use your wrench to really tighten it down. You can now slide your ar buttstock onto the buffer tube. Remember, there is a spring in there that will show some tension. All that’s left is again tightening the buttstock screw into place. 

So, whether you’re a beginner or an expert you now have the knowledge to make a daunting task easy. Remember, whatever your decision of which type of stock to use, you always want to make sure it is the best AR stock that fits your needs. Whatever they may be.

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