CA Compliant 80% Lower CA Compliant 80% Lower CA Compliant 80% Lower CA Compliant 80% Lower

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    This is perfect for californians like me that want a legal ar. because the mag locking device is a part of the lower instead of an additional part that hangs on the outside of the lower. everything about this has got me excited and glad i got it.

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CA Compliant Forged 80% Lower

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Product Description

CA Compliant Forged 80% Lower

Made from 7075 aluminum and machined with precision, this 80% lower meets Mil-Spec standards. All 80% lower receivers are bead blast finished and anodized and feature a broached mag well to help insert the magazine. This CA Compliant 80% lower fits most standard AR-15 uppers.

How the CA Compliant 80% Lower Works

A small pin sits on top of the magazine release button that keeps the button from being press while the AR-15 is assembled. As soon as the takedown pin is pulled and the upper lifted from the lower receiver, the magazine release button is able to be pressed and the magazine released. Aside from this California-compliant 80% lower, the only other lower receiver parts you need is a standard or enhanced AR-15 lower part kit of your choosing.

Features of this CA Compliant 80% Lower

  • Forged 7075 aluminum.
  • Bead blast finished.
  • Anodized.
  • Broached mag well.
  • Requires machining of the fire control pocket.
  • Fits standard mil-spec uppers.
  • Compatible with most jigs designed for use with 80% lowers.
  • CA Compliant Mag Catch Button Assembly that doesn’t allow the magazine catch to function and release the magazine while the upper is attached.
  • Non-FFL required and can be shipped directly to you. The ATF has determined that this lower receiver is not considered or classified as a firearm according to the GCA of 1968.

This 80% lower features a magazine catch button assembly that prevents the magazine to be released while the upper is attached. To take the magazine out, the operator must remove the rear takedown and separate the upper from the lower. This releases the pressure from the retention spring allowing you to release the magazine.

The magazine catch itself is NOT included however the assembly is. The magazine catch is the standard catch found in a standard lower parts kit.

80% Lower Determination Letter

All 80% lower receivers we sell meet non-FFL requirements. The ATF has determined that these lower receivers are not considered as firearms and, as such, do not require the use of a FFL. To be considered an 80% lower, the fire control group must not be milled by the manufacturer. To mill the fire control group you will need a jig designed specifically for use with 80% lowers.

As is the case with all legal matters, we do not act as nor provide any legal advice. If you have questions about the legality of any of our lower receivers and/or lower parts kits, consult your attorney.

Find the determination letter from the ATF here.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions9 x 6 x 3 in
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