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    The hellfighter is the best solution for a magazine lock that i have found. I tried a number of the other well known locks and was not happy at all with them. For these stupid laws requiring magazine locking the hellfighter is by far the best.

    As for ordering here I did not have any issues. shipping was slower (shipped on 3rd business day) than I thought it would be but i am use to Amazon speed so thats not these guys fault. i know the demand for hellfighters is huge so i’m sure thats why the delay happened. no biggie and i’m 100% satisfied with the product and these guys.

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Hellfighter AR Magazine Lock, CA Compliant

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Product Description

Hellfighter Magazine Lock for AR

With tighter gun control regulations bombarding our rights, the need continues to increase for innovative products that are designed to meet those regulations while minimizing the negative impact on the rifle. The Hellfighter Magazine Lock is does just that. Designed and manufactured by Juggernaut Tactical, the Hellfighter brings you one of the most innovative magazine locks to date. Most magazine locks currently on the market look only at locking the magazine with only minimal regard to the actions taken to separate the upper and lower receivers. This is how the Hellfighter really separates itself from competitors.

The Hellfighter consists of a takedown pin that is modified for quick-release. With the push of a button, the upper separates from the lower enough to disable the firing mechanism and magazine lock. Once this happens, the magazine release becomes functional and releases the magazine. All that’s needed after the magazine is removed is to tap the upper which then automatically re-engages with the lower because of the spring loaded takedown pin.

How The Hellfighter Works

The system hinges on replacing only two parts – the takedown pin and the bolt catch. The modified takedown pin is spring loaded and gives you the ability to separate the upper and lower with the push of a button. Combined with the Hellfighter bolt catch, you’ll have a fully functional California Compliant AR. This means that you don’t have to worry about going featureless or removing the pistol grip, forward grip, and adjustable stock.

  • Quickly and easily change magazines
  • Keeps you from having to go “featureless”
  • Has no permanent effect on rifle
  • Installs within 30 minutes
  • Comes in black or stainless steel
  • Fits AR-15 or AR-10

Additional information


Black, Stainless Steel


AR-15, AR-10