Shooting An AR-15 Like A Pro Even If You Are Just A Newbie

Learn To Shoot Like A Pro

The AR-15 is a very popular rifle often used in target shooting and hunting. It is a semi-automatic gun used by the military and police authorities all over the world. The AR-15 is also the civilian version of the military rifle known as M-16. AR does not mean “Assault Rifle” but “Armalite” which is the name of its manufacturer. This rifle is lightweight but produces loud sound when fired. It uses a magazine that houses a round of bullets. The AR-15 can be modified in different ways using various attachments. It is also considered as a modern sporting rifle.

Use Your Dominant Eye When Shooting The AR-15

Before learning how to shoot the AR-15, you should first determine your dominant eye. It is very common that the dominant eye is the same as the dominant hand. Therefore, if your right hand is your dominant hand, then your right eye is your dominant eye. You can confirm this by a simple test. Point your dominant hand to an object approximately 6 feet away. Focus your eyes on the object and your finger will be out of focus. Close one eye at a time. You will notice that the object seems to move when you close your non-dominant eye. However, the object won’t ‘move’ if you close your dominant eye. Use this dominant eye when shooting the AR-15.

What Is The Basic Stance?

Shooting a rifle is a lot similar to shooting a handgun. But the big difference is the shooting stance. When shooting a handgun, you are told to get into an isosceles position relative to your target. With an AR-15 rifle, you are instructed to stand perpendicular to your target. The basic stance when shooting this sports rifle is the fighter’s stance where you face an opponent with both your arms bent on the elbows with one arm slightly forward and the other close to your chest as you prepare to throw or deflect a punch.

Your strong or dominant hand should be on the grip of the rifle near your body and the other hand is on the rifle’s forward hand guard. There’s one more thing you need to understand with AR-15 rifles. All of the recoil system’s moving parts are located in the rifle’s buffer tube. No parts of the gun will come back or recoil to hit your nose. You should also have the stock tightly held against your shoulder and your arms close to your body. This stance will help you control your movements.

Prepare The Gun Before Shooting

Before shooting, ensure that there is a magazine seated in the AR-15. If there’s none, insert one by giving it a solid whack and then tugging on it until it is securely seated. Pull the charging handle as far as it will go towards you. The bolt will move back and the dust cover will pop out open. Release the charging handle. This will cause the bolt to move forward and strip one round or bullet from the magazine and prepare it inside the chamber for shooting. When a round is chambered, ensure that the selector of the rifle is on the safe position. This should be a habit whether or not your finger is on the trigger.

How To Shoot The AR-15

These tips on shooting the AR-15 are not only good for beginners. They are also being used by the pros.

Tip number one: Your firing stance must be the same all the time to achieve consistency in hitting your targets.

  • Ensure that your body weight is placed forward and on your front foot with your knees slightly bent. In this way, the force of the AR-15 as you shoot will not push you around.
  • Raise the rifle to your shooting position about one hand-width away from the opposite shoulder of the trigger hand.
  • Lead with the opposite foot of your dominant hand. This should be your left foot if you are right handed and vice versa.
  • As you shoot, you would want the gun to come to you and not you being pulled by the gun. This is very important to remember as you shoot and move at the same time.

Tip number two: Strengthen your hold on the rifle

Practice using a strong V grip on the AR-15. Grip the gun high up and ensure that it is centered at the point where your index finger and your thumb meet. Your supporting hand must also be gripping the AR-15’s hand guard approximately in its mid-section. Ensure that your grip is not too strong but just enough to stabilize the rifle. An excessively strong grip on the rifle might affect your shooting accuracy.

Tip number three: Use the correct trigger

If you are not happy with the trigger of your AR-15, buy another trigger that you will be more comfortable with and replace the trigger that came with the rifle. This is one of the advantages of the AR-15 rifle. You can upgrade its parts to suit your needs and preference. A good and dependable trigger will mean a lot in increasing your shooting accuracy. If you choose a good trigger, your shooting will be smoother which will increase your accuracy. When choosing the right trigger, do a thorough research on the ones that are highly recommended and then buy the one that you can easily afford.

Tip number four: Always follow through with every shot

Follow through simply means you will not move after shooting a round. In other words, don’t move and don’t flinch after firing a round. When you pull the trigger, wait until the bullet hits the target before making any movement. Only then can you break your stance to fire another shot or move into another position. The pause that you take between shots will improve your accuracy.

Tip number five: Always use the same AR-15 rifle

Using the same AR-15 when you practice or hunt will get you more acquainted with its capabilities and limitations which will help you increase your shooting accuracy. The more you are familiar with your rifle, the easier it will be for you to hit your targets. Using the same type of ammunition will also help in increasing your accuracy.