How to Install the Cross Armory Quick Pins

Step By Step Guide to Installing Cross Armory Quick Pins

The Cross Armory Quick Pins are a great upgrade to your AR-15 lower parts kit when you want to be able to separate your upper and lower receiver quickly. While this is ideal for California residents who have or are wanting to install a magazine lock. Even if you don’t live in California, the Cross Armory Quick Pins are useful for when you are cleaning the rifle, clearing a jam, or just want an easier time disassembling your AR-15. For those that live in California, a great AR-15 magazine lock to use with the Quick Pins is the Cross Armory SAFE MAG. With that said, if you want to install the Cross Armory Quick Pins so that you are able to disassemble your AR-15 quicker, follow these steps to get you up and functional in no time.

How to Install Cross Armory Quick Pins

Estimate Installation Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty Level: Medium

Recommended Tools:

To install the Cross Armory Quick Pins, we recommend the following tools. If you do not have these tools or access to them, try and find tools that can be used in the same manner.

  • Hex key (provided)
  • Armorers tool for AR-15
  • Vice
  • AR-15 vice block

Cross Armory Quick Pins Installation

  1. In order to install the Quick Pins you must first remove the pins from the main body. This can be done with the hex key provided but be careful not to lose the spring inside each pin when you remove the retainer screw. The pins are different so note which pins goes in each side.
  2. If possible, place your AR-15 on a stand or armorers block (AR-15 vice block).
  3. Remove the rear takedown pin and allow the upper receiver to separate from the lower receiver.
  4. Loosen the castle nut with your armorers tool. In order to prevent losing the takedown pin detent spring, be sure to prevent the backplate from moving too quickly away from the lower receiver when loosening the castle nut.
  5. Remove the detent spring and detent pin. This will allow the takedown pin to be removed completely. You will no longer need the detent spring and detent pin so set them aside.
  6. Holding down the buffer spring retainer pin, unscrew the buffer tube until it no longer retains the buffer spring retainer pin. This should only be a couple of turns.
  7. Remove the retainer pin and the retainer pin spring.
  8. Completely remove the buffer tube.
  9. Hold the Quick Pins main body against the lower receiver.
  10. Insert the alignment pin all the way through the holes in the main body and the lower receiver.
  11. Reinstall the buffer tube, the buffer spring retainer spring and pin, and the buffer spring.
  12. Tighten the castle nut with your armorers tool.
  13. Now you must check alignment. Not all firearms are exactly the same. In order to ensure that the Quick Pins operate smoothly, alignment between the quick pins and the lower receiver must be precise. This is when the shims may be needed. If the alignment rod doesn’t move easily with the castle nut tightened, adjust the alignment. Do not force the alignment rod out.
  14. Loosen the castle nut a couple of turns and insert one of the shims between the back of the receiver and the quick pins main body.
  15. Remove the back of the lower receiver and the Quick Pins main body.
  16. Retighten the castle nut.
  17. Attempt to remove the alignment rod. Once again, if the alignment rod can’t be removed easily then you must repeat this process with a different shim. If needed, add additional shims until the alignment rod slides out easily with the castle nut tightened.
  18. Remove the alignment rod and reinstall the pins in the main body. Be sure that you are using the correct pins on either side of the body. The correct pin will have an opening in the side toward the retainer screw.
  19. With the hex key tool provided, depress the spring inside the pin.
  20. Tighten the retainer screw.
  21. Repeat on the other side.
  22. Confirm that the pins move smoothly.
  23. Lastly, remove the tab from the shims. They should break off easily.

That’s it. You should now have your AR-15 fully functioning with the Cross Armory Quick Pins installed. As always, should you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.

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